Career Coaching Services

Discover your career connection



To provide a networking connection for people that are seeking support while trying to develop within their careers.


To be a community resource that helps individuals identify and reach their full career potential.


  • Network with others that are seeking new jobs.
  • Gain impactful tips to successfully find employment.
  • Participants will begin to transition from obtaining a job to pursuing a career of their dreams.


Successful career coaching helps you identify your unique purpose, passions, skills and strengths. It includes guided career-related self-examination, assessments and exercises that help you uncover your true beliefs, values and motivators. You will  discover what blocks your thinking and what keeps you from making progress toward career fulfillment.

Armed with new self-understanding, clarity and purpose you  build action plans to direct your success.  Throughout the process, Career Clique supports participants and helps you keep moving forward to achieve and exceed in your goals and dreams.