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The Technical Arts Director (TAD) has overall responsibility for leading the sound, video, lighting,
and media production functions of Destiny Church across all campuses, special events, and
offices. In addition, the TAD will manage the creative process to produce graphics, videos, and
other creative elements for Sunday services, promotion, and the website. A key strength needs to
be the ability to develop and manage others, as the TAD will lead teams of people to perform
these functions. This role is a ministry position and it’s important that the applicant be an active
and growing follower of Jesus.
Essential Job Functions
Ensure that Sunday morning experience is technically excellent
1. Set processes in place to ensure excellent operation of audio, lighting, and media
equipment by volunteers.
2. Set a culture of excellence and constant improvement.
3. Serve as proponent for new technology and resources that will improve the Sunday
morning experience.
4. Troubleshoot problems and teach others to do the same. Work to minimize the risk of
systems failures.
Produce video and graphic elements
1. Support the Strategic Team members and pastors in the creative design and production of
weekend services and special events.
2. Lead production of messages prepared for live stream transmission and hard-drive backups.
(When Appropriate)
3. Regularly review the sermon calendar and communicate the need for information or
clarification to the Strategic Team.
4. Create graphics and video bumpers for message series and special events.
5. Update branding for church promotional materials and signs.
Manage Volunteer Teams
1. Responsible for process to recruit, train, and schedule tech and creative team volunteers.
2. Provide strong leadership and technical oversight for volunteers.
3. Develop leaders who can effectively oversee campus technical teams and troubleshoot
problems when they occur.
4. Train volunteers and staff on operational processes and equipment in order to maintain a
consistent and excellent experience across campuses.
5. Recruit volunteers (there are also church-wide initiatives to recruit volunteers).
6. Proactively provide opportunities for team members to connect with the church and with
each other as a part of our assimilation process.
7. Champion the culture of Destiny Church with team members and others.
Development of Best Practices – Processes
1. For every role, develop and maintain a standard operating process that will be used for
training and ensure consistent excellence when the process is followed.
2. For every role, develop a checklist of important steps that is easy for volunteers or staff to
refer to as they serve on Sunday mornings.
3. Develop ongoing strategies for constant improvement for the excellence of the Sunday
morning experience at each campus.
Manage Equipment
1. Oversee the purchase, maintenance, and operation of all audio/video/lighting/media
production equipment.
2. Develop detailed knowledge of operation and integration of all equipment.
3. Train and equip both staff and volunteers to ensure successful operation of equipment in
various settings.
4. Assess current and future technology needs and prepare acquisition strategies.
5. Oversee the process of set-up, tear-down, and storage of equipment on a weekly basis.
6. Put measures in place to ensure that equipment and supplies are secured against damage,
loss, or theft.


Minimum of three years’ experience working with audio/video/lighting/production

Experience leading staff or volunteers

Sign a staff covenant affirming agreement to live in accordance with biblical principles


To apply for this job email your details to