What Do You Have To Offer?

3-Hour Career Coaching Session – What Do You Have To Offer? Saturday, August 10, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (CDT) 202 S. Tyler St Dallas, TX 75208

Crucial Parts of Your Business You Can’t Neglect!

Crucial Parts of Your Business You Can’t Neglect! Stay out of trouble! Make sure you know the fundamental concepts in human resource law. As a small to mid-sized business owner, including faith-based organizations one of the many areas in which we are challenged is Human Resources. In order to gain the necessary knowledge join our… Continue reading Crucial Parts of Your Business You Can’t Neglect!

You Are Approved

You Are Approved You were created on purpose, for a purpose with gifts, talents and abilities to be used regardless of what you have been through. This means, you have been “Approved.” No matter how you may be feeling right now, no matter whose approval you haven’t received, know that you can still live your… Continue reading You Are Approved

Burn Your Box

Burn Your Box How many times have you been told to think outside of the box? Have you ever thought about burning the box? Well, I did. Literally, there is no more box and I choose to live without limits! You see, the reason I had to burn my box is because even though I… Continue reading Burn Your Box

Best of The Best

Press Release –  July 9th 2012 Walmart Selects “The Best of the Best”– Local business leader connects small businesses with their most precious commodity – their people.  


The Christopher Quinn Group is a human capital management consulting firm that understands what it takes to manage a small to mid-sized business in an uncertain market. Our team is here to work with our clients to create value and to manage our clients’ most important commodity. We offer niche human resource management services that… Continue reading Services

Career Coaching

Mission: To provide a networking connection for people that are seeking support while trying to develop within their careers. Vision: To be a community resource that helps individuals identify and reach their full career potential. Benefits: •Network with others that are seeking new jobs. •Gain impactful tips to successfully find employment. •Participants will begin to… Continue reading Career Coaching