Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Interview coaching is a method by which we prepare for and feel more confident about upcoming interviews.

We offer interview coaching sessions in which you meet with a professional interview coach to learn interview strategies.

The coach conducts one or more practice interviews and then provides feedback. We provide a list of typical interview questions, and help you prepare answers to these questions.

Speaking with an interview coach, whether it is in person, on the phone, or even online, helps the job seeker feel more confident and prepared for an upcoming interview.


Smart Interview Preparation Package

  • After landing the interview, you want to walk into that interview room feeling prepared and confident.
  • Schedule a practice interview and coaching session so that you’re polished and assured for your meeting.
  • Since you may not have a lot of time to prepare, we design a focused interview preparation session to help get you ready for your interview in two hours.
  • It includes a mock interview, an interview debrief, discussion on talking points and interview style, and a second mock interview so you can apply what you’ve learned.
  • We require that you send your resume and the job description in advance so we can get right into using both hours to turn you into a lean mean interviewing machine.

Extreme Interview Coaching Package

  • 2 90-minute in-person or video conference coaching sessions
  • 2 60-minute telephone coaching sessions
  • Multiple practice interviews with feedback and coaching
  • Audio recordings of phone sessions (additional cost)