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  1. Human Resource (HR) Bloopers:  Stories are how culture gets transmitted. These stories tell about cultures with low trust in management, injustice and unfairness, all leading to low engagement. For pragmatic advice on how to improve engagement in your organization then contact The Christopher Quinn Group.
  2. Finding New Employees to Maximize Opportunities (N.E.M.O.):  Discover how to look for talent in the right places and build them into skills and abilities creatively, through exploring applicants’ abilities and finding their innate talents.
  3. Prioritizing Priorities:  Prioritizing Priorities assist individuals with determining tasks that add value to their quality of life. Let me help you figure out what is a priority.
  4. Tapping into your Talent:  Talents and abilities lie deep within each of us.  Our quest is to unearth and hone them.  Find what you do well and implement it into your daily life.
  5. Dream without Limits: Dreams come in all shapes and sizes:  seeing the latest movie, having a birthday party, going on vacation, pursuing a particular career, or anything else! Respecting those dreams—whether we agree with them or not—is crucial.  Dreaming inspires a willingness to try new things.  Gain the motivation to believe you can achieve your greatest hopes.

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